The Rev Up – Car News #1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Rev Up where you’ll find the latest news from the automotive world. This week we look at new engine tech from Mazda, a record breaking Rolls-Royce and some interesting updates off the back of Kevin Hart’s Barracuda crash. We also delve into the mind of Toyota Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada to learn of his plans for the next version of the 86.  Enjoy the read!

A New Rotary Engine for Mazda

A recently filed patent from Mazda has alluded to the possible release of a new generation of sports car for the Japanese manufacturer.

The RX-Vision concept was originally teased in 2015 with many punters putting down a fair bet that we’d see an ‘RX-9’ in the coming years. The aforementioned patent for a “double-wishbone” front suspension construction definitely hints at the return of a front-engined, rear-drive sports car layout for Mazda.

Geometry outlined in the patent could lead to the possibility of a return to the rotary engine, last found in the RX-8. The last RX-8 and subsequently, the last rotary was produced in 2012, which makes us wonder if there’s a place for a new rotary design in Mazda’s vision beyond 2020.

Mazda to Reveal a New EV Model at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

Sticking with Mazda this week, the 2019 Tokyo motor show will see Mazda debut its first mass-produced fully electric vehicle to the public.

Mazda has been slow to the game when it comes to EVs but it seems the company has decided that it’s time to join other mainstream manufacturers in offering a fully electric passenger car to buyers.

This will be a whole new model for Mazda after successful testing of their EV driveline in the upcoming CX-30 drivetrain as pictured below.

The yet-to-be-released EV is rumoured to be driven by a 141hp motor, powered by a 35.5kWh battery pack, but all will be revealed at the end of October.

We can also expect a look at more engine variants at the show as Mazda moves towards giving consumers more choice when it comes to drivetrains in their lineup beyond 2020.

The Tokyo Motor Show will kick off on the 24th of October with more details on the release to follow shortly after.

Toyota Hopes to ‘Surpass’ the Supra with the Next Version of the 86

With the first Supras only just being delivered to the public this month, Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada has made a statement outlining plans to make the new Toyota 86 (and Subaru BRZ) “better” than the current A90 Supra.

Now, this is a bold claim considering where the 86 and BRZ sit in their current segment, but Toyota has been full of surprises recently, so there may be some truth there.

Tada San has formed a whole new ‘86 Team’ in order to deliver the next version of the rear-drive, front-engined cult favourite, so expect to see some big changes as a result.

Could we finally be seeing the turbo 86 that we’ve always wanted? We’ll have to wait and see what the team can put together over the next few years.

Man of Many took the current GR Supra out on the track at Phillip Island recently and we have to say, for Toyota to produce something even more exhilarating at (maybe) a cheaper price point, it would be an incredible feat!

Check out the latest Supra review here.

Kevin Hart May Be Getting Sued Over His Recent Car Crash

You have likely heard that Hollywood actor and comedian, Kevin Hart, was involved in a serious accident recently resulting in his 700hp Plymouth Barracuda being written off.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the driver and friend of Hart, Jared Black, as well as his passenger Rebecca Broxterman are both exploring the possibility of suing Hart over the incident. They are putting forward the argument that the vehicle was lacking in crucial safety equipment resulting in serious injuries for both the driver and passengers, of which Hart was one. Both have hired attorneys and are currently building their case.

On top of that, there is also a potential lawsuit against the builders of Hart’s personal ‘Cuda from all parties due to the lack of safety equipment as part of the custom build. This has the whole custom vehicle industry concerned about the fact that this could happen to anyone of their customers. Not to mention the potential changes to regulations off the back of public cases like these.

Unique Rolls-Royce Sells for £888,000 at Auction

Last week at the home of Rolls-Royce, Goodwood, England, a one-of-a-kind Rolls-Royce Phantom went under the hammer at the Evelina Art for Allergy x Dine on the Line charity auction.

The winning bid of over £800,000 secured the collector an already unique piece of British automotive heritage in the form of the Rolls-Royce Phantom. However, it was the paint job that managed to fetch this particular Rolls a fair sight more than the regular price of around £300,000.

The creator is world-renowned artist Marc Quinn who was tasked with painting the iris of the winning bidders daughter on the exterior of the car.

The event all-up raised almost £2 million for Evelina, who is a London-based team of specialists who focus on treating and preventing allergy based illnesses in young children.