The Roxor Off-Road Vehicle Plays Up its History

As far as side-by-sides go, the Roxor Off-Road Vehicle won’t disappoint. The boxed steel frame of the chassis supports the rigid leaf springs of the front and back suspension. Double acting hydraulic shock absorbers provide a comfortable ride. The engine is a four cylinder turbo diesel M2DICR with four Stroke compression, giving this off-roader 62 horsepower and 144 foot pounds of torque. The Roxor has a nearly 4,000 pound towing capacity. It’s definitely a utility vehicle—it’s not street legal and has been governed down to just 45 miles per hour for the max speed—but its size will let you get wherever you want to go. It measures only 75 inches in height, 148 in length, and 62 in width. The wheel base is a 96 inches with a 9 inch ground clearance. Mahindra offers plenty of accessories and add-ons to customize the Roxor to your likings.

roxor off road vehicle side view

The history of the Roxor is apparent in its design. It so closely resembles the old-school Willys Jeep that it very nearly feels like plagiarism. Mahindra has been building such vehicles for decades—since the late 1940s—and has a “grandfathered” license to continue using the Jeep design. Jeep devotees will appreciate the rounded fenders, the filleted corner on the iconic door openings, the shape of the hood and its latches, and the outline of the grill.

roxor off road vehicle front

That tried and true design still holds today. Just like its predecessors, the Roxor Off-Road Vehicle can conquer the terrain.

Check it out

roxor off road vehicle back

roxor off road vehicle back side extra tire

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