The Top 5 Cars That Get Speeding Tickets Revealed

You can offer up all sorts of excuses for why you got that speeding ticket, one of the more popular being to blame the type of car you drive. “Cops pull over my car more often—that’s why I got this ticket.” Never mind that you were exceeding the speed limit. But there might actually be some truth to that excuse if you’re driving one of the top five cars to get speeding tickets.

These 5 Cars Receive the Most Speeding Tickets

A research team at Insurify put together a study to find out which cars tend to get caught the most while speeding—because we all know that everyone speeds, it’s just that some are better at getting away with it. On average, 11.28 per cent of drivers in the US have a prior speeding ticket on their record. For those tickets certain characteristics stood out to the researchers.

First, every car on the list had a price significantly below the average selling price of USD$37,285. We’re not saying that your car is cheap, but if you spent less on it than the average price, you may want to watch that lead foot. Second, the brand of car didn’t factor into the number of tickets.

Despite conventional wisdom, BMWs and Mercedes-Benz cars don’t get more tickets. Along the same lines, cars with racing brand names, like Ferrari, Chevrolet, Ford, and Honda, didn’t make the top ten list.

Insurify came up with their data by reviewing their database of over 1.6 million car insurance applications. They looked at the number of cars of each model for a prior speeding violation then compared that number to the total number of that model. The researchers then compiled a list of the top ten cars to get pulled over for speeding.

So what are the top five offenders? In order from lowest to highest, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Volkswagen GTI, Scion FR-S, and, lastly, the infamous Subaru WRX.

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