The Truck Surf Hotel Accommodates the Traveling Lifestyle

You can easily bring your board to the beach to catch some waves, and now with the Truck Surf Hotel, you can bring your hotel as well. This truck is literally a hotel on wheels—six wheels to be exact. The Truck Surf Hotel is a converted Mercedes Actros. Hydraulics allow the walls and ceiling to expand, creating a roomy suite of rooms and accommodations. The first floor of the truck has a living room complete with couches and a table for dining or just hanging out. A projector can provide plenty of entertainment, from the latest shows and movies to footage caught of the day’s adventures. A fully equipped kitchen is available for cooking your own meals. A bathroom with a shower is also on the first floor. The second floor has a main hall with access to five rooms (four shared double rooms with bunk beds and one private double room). Each room has air conditioning as well as a locker for storing personal items.

truck surf hotel kitchen room

The Truck Surf Hotel also has a lounge terrace where you can relax and take in the incredible scenery. And with voyages that explore Algarve and Alentejo, there is plenty of scenery to take in. Surfing trips through Morocco are also available.

truck surf hotel waiting room

If unique trips are your thing, you won’t get much more unique than taking a trip where your accommodation is also your transportation.

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truck surf hotel bedroom

truck surf hotel pillows

truck surf surfs

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