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The Truth Gets Preached about the Tesla Pickup Concept

Truer words may have never been said than those words by Yanko Design when discussing Istanbul-based designer Emre Husmen’s vision of a Tesla Pickup Concept: “It’s a shame that this conceptual Tesla pickup is fan-made, because it’s an absolute beauty!” Take one look at the design, and no doubt you’ll agree with Yanko’s assessment.

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Husmen’s design takes the swooping, flowing design of Tesla’s sedans and adds in a truck bed and beefier tyres. The headlights and taillights are kept razor thin, and while the truck looks stocky and thick, it still has a racing feel to it. You can just imagine this truck hauling a third wheel behind it, or throttling down the track. The front end is so shockingly different than what you might expect from a truck design, but thanks to the electric platform, you don’t need the expansive grille for a combustion engine.

Instead, Husmen imagines the grille as a part of the form rather than the function. The concept sports four doors, which flare out to meet with the wheel wells, giving the truck a slight hourglass look. The beefy wheels are supported by a pretty high ground clearance, making the truck look like an off-road champion, and giving the sense that this pickup could double as a Baja racer.

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Hopefully Yanko—and others—will keep preaching the truth about this concept, and maybe we’ll see it come to life.

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