The Venturi Mission 03 Antarctica Rover Takes on the Harshest Climate

There just might be a reason why Antarctica remains as one of the last places on Earth that hasn’t been claimed by any country. It’s an inhospitable place with a frozen climate that is downright mean. While no one has laid claim to the continent, the world’s governments have agreed that it should be reserved for only scientific exploration—for those few souls that are brave enough to take it on. Or, those who are well-equipped enough to do so. That’s where the Venturi Mission 03 electric Antarctic Rover comes in.

Venturi developed the rover to replace the fossil fuel powered vehicles that have been the normal modes of transportation in Antarctica. The project actually started as a way to provide Prince Albert II of Monaco a means of traveling through the frozen desert of Antarctica. Mission 03 runs on two 60 kW batteries that have already been proven out by Venturi’s Formula E team. The rover has a range of 27 miles traveling at 12 miles per hour on a full charge when fully loaded with three people and equipment. It runs on caterpillar tracks, and leaves no emissions behind. It can operate in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Surviving in the most inhospitable place in the world is now a little bit easier.

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