Things from Movies When We Were Kids Are Now Real: Hydrocar – Amphibious Autocar

Do you remember watching movies when you were a kid and seeing all kinds of cool cars that could do amazing things that regular cars could not, like going on the surface or submerged in water? Yup. These are now available like other modern technology leaps that seem like they came straight out of the movies. The Hydrocar is an amphibious car that is no exception.

side view hydrocar

It looks as though an Italian supercar merged with a speedboat to make this custom watercraft vehicle. Inside the car, it looks like a complicated cockpit of dials and needles for various monitoring of who knows what exactly. Butterfly doors, an angled windshield and body and complete with windshield wipers and a hood for the engine, this amphibious car represents both beauty and adventure. It is able to be driven across the water in style.

hydrocar amphibious autocar full view

The vehilce is able to drive on land and has racing style seats for two passengers. It’s spolier and custom angle body work compliment the power of its engine that can push it on the dry surfaces with wheels and wet surfaces with its propellar in the rear. It is truly majestic as a technical wonder.

Check it out

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