This Ain’t Your Daddy’s McLaren (Hint: it’s for Kids)

It’s got everything you would look for in a luxurious supercar from McLaren—gullwing doors, an onboard infotainment system, and all the correct lines and curves that make a McLaren a McLaren. It’s even fully electric. What it is not, however, is for adults. The McLaren 720S Ride On is built for kids.

The 720S Ride On is inspired by the adult, full-sized 720S Coupe only scaled down to toddler size. It comes in eight different colours, including Papaya Spark Orange, Azores Orange, Belize Blue, Onyx Black, Mauvine Blue, Silica White, Saros Grey, and Lantana Purple. It also features carbon fibre elements—or at least details that are made to look like the carbon fibre elements of the 720S Coupe.

Fortunately, especially since the Ride On is designed for ages three to six, this miniature sportscar doesn’t come with the full 700-plus horsepower V8. Instead, it’s equipped with an electric motor. Still, the motor is powerful enough to move an adult sitting in the car (just check out the video to see an adult crammed into the diminutive vehicle, though McLaren does say that there is a 66-pound weight limit).

If your little driver isn’t ready for complete control of the vehicle, it can be operated with a remote control. The infotainment system isn’t just a sticker, either. It actually works and can be used to play music or videos on the dashboard display by connecting a USB or SD card. The car even comes with a few pre-loaded songs. The brake lights also work. For even more realism, there’s a working vent fan to mimic air conditioning. You can go forward in three speeds (2, 3, and 4 miles per hour) or in reverse.

Of course, if you want to pick up a McLaren of your own, but can’t afford the USD$280,000 price tag, you can pick up the Ride On through McLaren dealers for just USD$400.

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