Throw All of Your Dollars at the Tomahauk from Hauk Designs

Hauk Designs has come back with another impressive offering, a Tomahauk alternative terrain vehicle. Known for their wide variety of rock-hopping, trail-stomping, and show-stopping customs, Hauk continued to impress with the Tomahauk.

hauk tomahauk front side

The Tomahauk sports a LM75.3 Engine, turbonetics twin turbos, tailgunner intakes, and a custom flowmaster exhaust. That’s enough power for this beast to tackle almost any obstacle in front of it. If the power wasn’t enough, it has the equipment to match; 17” Beadlock wheels, 44” Pitbull Rocker tires, and Icon 16” Coilovers arm the Tomahauk with everything it needs to harness the power it possesses. On top of that, a complete aluminum body, a warn 10S Zeon Winch, roll cage, and mirrored raked back windshield protect it, and you, from all of the elements.

hauk tomahauk side view

While this machine clearly already has what it takes to be deemed “bad ass,” the look and feel is completed with authentic World War II decals, airbrushed and hand painted nose art, and other era-appropriate finishings to set it apart from anything else on the road, or rocks, it’s traversing.

hauk tomahauk top

The Tomahauk is for sale now at Hauk Designs, head over to the site to check it out and the other offerings they have available.

Check it out

hauk tomahauk wheels

hauk tomahauk seats with belt

hauk tomahauk hood

hauk tomahauk engine

air conditioning hauk tomahauk

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