Timeless Kustoms Took a Leap of Faith with this Corvette

Custom cars vary in their impressiveness, in part due to the level of risk their designers take in creating them. Timeless Kustoms did not hold back when they decided to revamp Cherry’s Corvette. An already impressive vehicle to begin with the artists at Timless got to work and came back with something truly special.

corvette customs car

The LS9 Supercharged beast was taken, stripped down, dropped in midnight black, streamlined for maximum performance, and tooled over until a truly impressive finished product was yielded.

front view with headlight corvette cars

While the chassis of the Corvette is easily recognizable as such from an older model, the elimination of all excess exterior features and elements creates a truly mystifying aesthetic that lends itself to a great design concept developed by Timeless. Reminiscent of a sleeker Batmobile, this custom made every piece of the car look special and intriguing. From the handle-less doors, the sunken doors, and the jet-black tined wheels, the profile view of this car is absolutely breathtaking.corvette timeless kustoms view

The interior is no different. Outfitted with a deep ocean fabric around the floorboards and central divider, and an inspiring blue leather for the seats and dash, the frill-reduced look lends itself well to the inside of the car as well.

Sometimes going as far in a new direction as Timeless Kustoms did with this Corvette can backfire, but we really dig it. The beauty of this design lies in Timeless’s ability to add through subtraction by removing unnecessary features to improve the overall look. Another impressive project from a talented bunch of designers and mechanics.

Check it out

corvette steering wheel

engine corvette car

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