Top 10 Supercars from the 80’s

Producing videos for automotive enthusiasts, Donut Media recently released their Top 10 Supercars from the 80s video. As you might expect, this video shows their top 10 picks when it comes to horsepower, speed, and performance—no easy feat when you’re picking from the decade known for taking things to the extreme.

You’ll find the familiar names that everyone will recognize as supercars in this video. Porsche and Lamborghini are both listed. Ferrari made it into the top 10 twice. Mixed into the list are a couple lesser known names, like Isdera, Koenig, and Ruf. There’s also a surprise entrant with Buick. The video explores the qualities of each car, explaining why they made it to the top of the list—and it’s not about the price tag (although these cars weren’t available on your average car lot).

Donut does a great job of gathering interesting footage, which makes for a short but entertaining video. The facts about each car are what makes the video really shine, though. It’s interesting to learn just how face some of these cars were, and the excess that designers and manufacturers went to with these cars. These aren’t examples of modification or aftermarket add-ons. These cars came off the line as supercars, and this video explains how they earned that designation.

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