Room to Move with the EarthRoamer XV-HD

If there are any lovers of quality, design, and craftsmanship out there, that also want to travel the globe without a concern or care, the XV-HD Luxury RV is for you. EarthRoamer has designed a larger version of their previous XV-LTS model that has the same strict attention to detail and ergonomics, but provides more space and amenities.

earthroamer xv-hd car side

Through the use of new technologies, EarthRoamer has been able to create the most efficient, hyper-tuned, premier expedition vehicle on the market. With this new model, travelers can venture farther, stay longer, and enjoy more comforts.

With fuel capacity of 115 diesel gallons, 375 gallons of functional water, 2100 watts of solar power, and an extra 20,000 watt-hour battery bank, the XV-HD can tackle any challenge you throw at it.

earthroamer xv-hd car bedroom

While the specs are certainly impressive, what really got me buzzing was the stunning design. Stepping into one of these machines is like getting off the elevator in a penthouse suite. Beautiful natural wood set the tone on the floors and walls while plush seating, sprawling beds, and impressive appliances line the interior.

earthroamer xv-hd impressive appliances line interior

With one look, you’ll know that exploring in one of these isn’t exactly “roughing it,” but what’s the point, if you don’t have to. The XV-HD seamlessly incorporates cutting-edge technologies, advanced design, and ergonomic interfaces to provide the most luxurious and impressive overland vehicle on the market.

Check it out

earthroamer xv-hd fully equipped kitchen

earthroamer xv hd interior

earthroamer xv hd two models different cars

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