Travel, Stay, and Live More Intentionally in Matthew Hofmann’s Living Vehicle

As the world becomes more involved with and attached to their mobile devices, there has been a shift towards wanting “more,” and wanting it faster. This increased sense of immediate gratification has become a scourge to the world’s youth and as such, the reliance on and expectation of immediacy has led us to buy so many things we don’t truly need. Matthew Hofmann has realized this reliance and wants to reverse the trend. To do so he created Living Vehicle. Living Vehicle is a unique take by and the culmination of Matthew Hofmann’s decade of experience designing small spaces for the modern world. Matthew invites you to join the movement towards a more intentional and purposeful way of life.

bedroom living vehicle

As the Living Vehicle quests to give owners complete control of their lives, it comes with some necessary features and benefits. First and foremost, it is fit for the family. The Living Vehicle comfortably sleeps six, harnesses multi-use appliances and ample kitchen space to provide for everyone. If you were to buy in, your new domicile would be entirely pet friends, giving you and your pet the space needed to be happy, clean, and not cramped. Maybe most importantly, the Living Vehicle is geared for adventure and can be a workspace on wheels. Whether you want to go exploring or stay in a run your business from the road, you have the space and capability to do so.

 living vehicle car

Beyond the practical offerings the Living Vehicle boasts, the interior and exterior designs impress and amaze. A hybrid between a mid-century modern and Scandinavian aesthetic give the Living Vehicle a personality of its own and add a spacious aspect unexpected at first glance.

The Living Vehicle truly is an encapsulation of mobile living for the modern world.

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large patio doors living vehicle

contemporary dining room living vehicle

image drawing room living vehicle

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