Truck to Basecamp with this Modular Tailgate System

You can turn your truck into a mobile headquarters with the Basecamp Modular Tailgate System. The system starts with the Cache. The Cache drapes over your tailgate and is secured so that it can act as an anchor for anything you may be hauling. The Cache uses two nylon straps that have been reinforced with 22 mm steel wire beaded cable that is stitched between the straps and loop into a combination lock carabiner.

The Cache has been designed so that it not only protects your truck, but it also stays out of the way of your backup camera. The Cache also provides a way to secure the other modules of the system—the Lounger Chair and the Jeffrey Cooler.

modular tailgate system

The Lounger is a stadium chair, but amped up. It comes with two-inch thick foam that is reinforced by aluminum rods for added support. The Lounger features storage options and even a bottle opener. You can secure the Lounger to the Cache, or take it with you on your hikes and adventures.

back view truck modular tailgate

The Jeffrey Cooler is a soft-sided cooler that is designed to be carried with you. The cooler is insulated and comes with a shoulder strap and carrying handles. It also has built-in stubby holders and bottle openers.

You can buy the modules separately or as a system. The modules are freely interchangeable and can be organized into any configuration.

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