Unexpected Zip and Power from the Raesr Tachyon Speed

If you’re anything like me, when you think ‘electric car,’ you probably don’t associate it with speed. Raesr is out to prove us wrong. They have designed the Tachyon Speed and It. Is. SEXY. In Raesr’s own words, they wanted to build the most extreme electric car – even going so far as to use a tandem seater for a jet fighter look.

By having a good portion of the frontal area reduced, the Tachyon Speed is more aerodynamic than some of its supercar counterparts. The batteries and motor allows the TS to put out close to 1200 horsepower. With this Batmobile look-alike equipped with all the right hardware and designed to impress on sight, all that’s missing is the world’s time to catch up.

raesr tachyon speed front side

If more electric charging stations are placed around the map, and made accessible to the everyday man, soon you’ll be hard press to find a traditional combustion engine. Check out the quick video below to catch a glimpse of this bad boy for yourself.

Check it out

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