USSV Rhino GX SUV Horns in on the Competition

If ever a car name was spot on it’s the USSV Rhino GX SUV. Looking at the Rhino, it’s not a far stretch of the imagination to picture its namesake. The SUV is blocky and thick. All it needs to complete the image is a horn sticking up from the hood. Now, rhino’s aren’t exactly on Nature’s sexiest animal list. They do, however, make two of Nature’s other lists—Most Powerful and Don’t Mess with Me. And that’s the point of the Rhino GX.

ussv rhino gx suv horns side view

The Rhino is large and rugged, giving you ample space to ride in comfort and even luxury. It comes filled with amenities, so you won’t be lacking in the creature comforts. It’s foreboding presence—it measures 225 inches in length, 96 inches in width, and 88 in height, with a 140.8 inch wheel base—is backed up by a powerful 6.7L V8 diesel engine or a 6.8L V10 gasoline engine. Hefty torque provides plenty of acceleration, while the braking’s caliper system provides the stopping power you need. The Rhino GX also has plenty of towing capacity—10,000 pounds to be exact. It’s four wheel drive with a five speed automatic transmission. Just like a rhino in nature, the Rhino GX can also take a hit when necessary. A beehive construction system paired with air bags will keep driver and passengers safe. Plus, a smart hydraulic suspension roll over protection algorithm keeps the Rhino upright even at full charge.

Check it out

ussv rhino gx suv horns seats

inside ussv rhino gx suv car

headlights ussv rhino gx suv car

weird angular body ussv rhino gx suv car

inside shape ussv rhino gx suv car

indicator ussv rhino gx suv car

side and front view ussv rhino gx suv car

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