Vanderhall Speedster Drivers Want to Be Left Alone

“The Vanderhall Speedster has one purpose—to revel in the joy of solitary driving. Steve Hall, CEO of the Utah-based Vanderhall Motor Works, explained the Speedster this way: “It’s a car for those times you just have to say, ‘Hey, I’ve just worked 12 hours straight. I’m going to get out on the road and clear my head. I don’t need anyone else with me. It’s just me.’”

vanderhall speedster car side view

The Speedster borrows style notes of 1960s British roadsters, adding in shark-gill openings. Where the old speedsters could button down a “tonneau” cover over the passenger side, the Speedster substitutes in composite panels with shark-gill openings. The added benefit of the passenger-less version is added storage for bags, so now you can take the Speedster on road trips. Another benefit? Losing the passenger seat drops the price roughly $3,000.

vanderhall speedster car top

Vanderhall also cut down the Venice screen by almost half, replaced the aluminum uprights with stainless steel, and made the aero section behind the driver’s head a little taller. A single roll bar was also added. A racing stripe from nose to tail was added over the Silver Vintage metallic paint. The interior features Saxony Brown upholstery.

Under the hood, the Speedster hides a turbocharged 1.4L four-cylinder engine, pushing the car with 180 horsepower. The engine is from GM, and is mated to a GM six-speed automatic with manual sequential shifting to drive the front wheels.

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