The Vanderhall Venice is Hell on Three Wheels

The Vanderhall Venice is Hell on Three Wheels
August 13, 2017 Man of Many

The Vanderhall Venice is Hell on Three Wheels

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Many automobile companies have tried their hands at creating three wheelers in the past, all to limited success and often a lot of mockery. Maybe it’s how these vehicles drive or how they stand out from all the other four and two wheelers already on the road. Whatever the reason, there isn’t a three wheel vehicle that has really stood the test of time – and whenever we see one all we can think of is the blue Reliable Robin from Mr Bean that always gets run off the road.

However, the Vanderhall line of three wheelers, namely the more affordable Vanderhall Venice, feel like something unique and special. With two large 18 inch wheels in the front and one in the back, no doors and an open top, it’s the ideal ride for a place like Southern California, like it’s namesake, on a beautiful sunny day. With it’s low clearance the ride is perfect for cruising through beachside neighbourhoods, a popular hobby in SoCal during the summer months.

Beyond it’s unique three wheeler look, the Vanderhall Venice has a number of features that come standard with each model. A 1.4L 4 cylinder Turbo engine, with a 6 speed automatic transmission compliments black v-tex interior, headlights, brake callipers and grills, and the vintage-esque wooden steering wheel. It also has a 600 watt Bluetooth sound system so you can let everyone know you are coming from a block away. Perhaps the best thing about the Vanderhall Venice though? You can build your own exactly how you’d like it – this is just the standard model.

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