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ID.XTREME EV Concept Paves the Way for the Compact Electric Off-Roader

While there are a lot of reasons to get behind electric vehicles, one often-overlooked aspect is their off-roading ability. Over the years, we’ve slowly begun to realise the relentless torque that you get with battery-based cars coupled with the beast;y low-end grunt to get you out of low traction surfaces. Hence, it’s not surprising to see many car-makers dabbling with the idea of introducing an off-road version of their EVs. Volkswagen for example has just showcased an ID.4 GTX decked out in off-road gear in Locarno, Switzerland. In fact, the concept is one of the ID.4 test mules and is based on the top-end ID.4 GTX, meaning the ID.XTREME has the same dual-motor layout along with the benefit of an all-wheel drive system.

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Id xtreme ev concept 1

Volkswagen ID. XTREME all-electric concept car | Image:

The new Volkswagen ID.XTREME concept car is also more powerful than the standard 1D.4 GTX with a software update in the drive control unit increasing the horsepower tally to 382 bhp. For its relatively compact size, that’s a fair amount of power on offer.

However, the purposeful exterior with the off-road-centric styling is what ultimately gives the ID.XTREME a more rugged appearance with various details strewn together including raised rally running gear, 18-inch off-road wheels, a modified crash member with an additional front bumper, and 50 mm-wider wings (made by 3D printing). The roof carrier is decked out with additional LED lights and the completely closed aluminium underbody also helps protect the battery pack from any rocks during off-roading.

Id xtreme ev concept

Volkswagen ID. XTREME all-electric concept car | Image:

Volkswagen has also given the ID.XTREME its own ‘driving noise’ which is played via a sound generator in the wheel housing. The interior meanwhile gets a splashing of Alcantara and new seats. While it remains a tantalising concept for now, the ID.XTREME sure has the potential to create an off-road-based sub-brand within the ID range in the future. Overall, we do hope that Volkswagen considers building this car as demand for electric off-road oriented vehicles is increasingly finding acceptance as electrification becomes more and more popular.

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Volkswagen ID. XTREME all-electric concept car | Image: