We Don’t Need No Wires! BMW Wireless Charging Station

That’s right, folks. The BMW 530e will be the first electric car to have a completely wireless charging system.

charging bmw electric car

This summer, if BMW accomplishes what is aiming to, they will be the first to lease a wireless charging system in the United States for the 530e, one of its hybrid vehicles. If you wish, you can order the system now in the states and in Europe starting in July.

The system is comprised of two sections; a wireless charging Ground Pad that draws power from a traditional outlet and a wireless receiver Car Pad that is mounted on the underside of your vehicle.

electric bmw dashboard car

When parking on top of the wireless charger, the Ground Pad will connect automatically. To simplify this process, when nearing the Pad, a display will come up on the car’s central screen. Guide lines on the screen that show the front of the car will help you align your receiver in the proper location. A graphic confirmation will pop up when the vehicle is centered accurately, letting you know your car is in place and ready to charge.

transparent view electric bmw car

If you act now your car can charge more seamlessly than your mobile phone. Talk about innovation!

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