What’s it like driving a Lamborghini Huracán Spyder?

“I’m really sorry sir, I’m just obsessed with Lamborghini’s” a young kid says to me as he commences his 6th lap walking around the bright yellow Supercar at the petrol station. I couldn’t blame him; I did the same thing when I first picked up the Huracán. Every line on the car is as bold and chiselled as it is beautiful and functional. Small hexagonal details, aggressive air ducts, Led Lighting… every component of the Huracán has been beautifully designed whilst remaining true to the Lamborghini aesthetic. Everything about the Huracán is distracting. I was trying hard to pay attention suppress my grin whilst listening to the driver briefing, but as soon as I had a chance to speak, the little boy inside me piped up “can I hear the engine?”.

lamborghini huracán spyder steering

This is when I understood the model name. Firing up the naturally aspirated 5.2 Litre V10 was indeed, a violent storm. Snorting and grunting like the raging bull emblazoned on the front of the car, the heart of this beast produces 449 of the sweetest sounding kilowatts you’ve ever heard. With help from the 7 speed dual clutch gearbox, the Huracán Spyder manages to launch itself from 0-100 in 3.4 seconds and will keep raging all the way to 324 km/h if your track of choice permits it. Ventilated and cross drilled brakes nuzzle between 6 and 4 piston callipers front and rear, assuring your chest is nicely violated under deceleration.

front side of lamborghini huracán

Driving the Huracán felt like the perfect tug of war between order and chaos. Whilst in the “Strada‘’ drive setting, the Huracán cruised around Sydney traffic with ease. Gear selections were polite, ride was comfortable, engine noise was subtle and you could genuinely see yourself using the Spyder every day. Once out of traffic however, select Sport and the chaos started to come alive. You notice immediately a little bit of oversteer creep in as the Huracán snakes its way through the bends, that carbon and aluminium chassis is always planted, with the perfect amount of play. Gear selections are later and sharper, traction a bit more playful and that V10 screams at you from over your shoulder.

open roof of lamborghini huracán

Make no mistake, this is not a car that flies under the radar. If you’re one of the lucky ones to own a Huracán, be prepared for endless head turns, jaw drops and conversations. But as long as you’re not too precious about it, you can’t help but feed off the excitement and happiness it brings to on lookers. Whether it’s the hardtop or Spyder, rear or all wheel drive, there is bound to be a Huracán that moves you in the right places. This truly is one of the most exciting and usable supercars I’ve ever driven and one that I hope to experience again sometime soon. Even if it is walking laps around it.

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Written by: Justin Jackie

wheel of lamborghini huracán

 lamborghini huracán inside

 lamborghini huracán looking glass

 lamborghini huracán logo

 lamborghini huracán nice wheel case

 top view of lamborghini huracán

back lamborghini huracán

front side glass of lamborghini huracán

seats of lamborghini huracán