Yeah, You Won’t Be Buying a Range Rover Astronaut Edition

This Ranger Rover is so exclusive that you’ll literally have to go to space to get it. The Range Rover Astronaut Edition is reserved solely for those people lucky enough to be a part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which will be flying into suborbital space. With the recent announcement of Virgin Galactic’s move to a custom hangar in New Mexico, that flight sounds like it’s about to take off, and its passengers will be able to ride to the launch pad in style.

range rover upholstery car seat cover

The Range Rover Astronaut Edition starts with the Range Rover Autobiography Edition designed by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations. It comes in Zero Gravity Blue to match the night sky, and has aluminium door handles that have been engraved with the Virgin Galactic constellation logo. Astronaut Edition badging decorates the vehicle throughout, and the lights project a SpaceShipTwo graphic.

The details continue inside, where the console features engravings that chronicle the history of flight, starting with the mythical Icarus (which hopefully isn’t a forecast of how the maiden voyage of Virgin Galactic will turn out). The designers even looked at the cup holders—one has a disc made from the first Virgin Galactic ship to reach orbit and the other has space for a disc that will be made from the skids of the craft the passengers will fly in.

The Range Rover comes at a premium. Not only do you have to pay USD$250,000 for the flight, you also have to pay for the car.

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