You’d Have to Breed a Mustang and a Bronco to Get This Beast

The 5.0L V8 Powered 1969 Ford Bronco 5-Speed posted on is more horse than you might expect. Not only does it feature a fully restored Bronco frame and body, it’s engine was also swapped out with a fuel-injected late 1980s Mustang. That’s double the horse, if you’re keeping track. The engine was converted to a 1990s MAF EMS and then reportedly dyno-tuned. An Edelbrock intake manifold was added along with a cold-air intake system, Magnaflow headers, and a Magnaflow dual exhaust system.

5 speed ford bronco

During the 18 month restoration project, the Bronco was fitted with new fiberglass hood the majority of the tub. The doors and tailgate are made from steel. The 5-speed gearbox comes with a short shifter and new Dana 4:11 gears. The power steering box was upgraded along with the power front disc brakes. Corbeau bucket seats and a matching rear bench sit beneath a six point roll cage. Finally, pre-runner bumpers and nerf bars were added.

ford bronco 1969 rear view

The color scheme of Kubota orange and white make this Bronco stand out from the herd. Of course, the suspension and body lifts, as well as the 33X12.5 inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO tires mounted on 15 inch steel wheels will already have you standing heads above the rest. The floors are all coated with an orange bed-liner.

This Bronco isn’t just handsome, it’s got the heart and soul of a Mustang—literally and figuratively.

Check it out

ford bronco 5 speed interior

ford bronco 5 speed 1969 back seat view

ford 1969 5 speed bronco front view

1969 ford bronco 5 speed rear view

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