The Zarooq Sandracer 500 GT Will Conquer Any Dune

The Zarooq Sandracer 500 GT Will Conquer Any Dune
October 7, 2017 Man of Many

The Zarooq Sandracer 500 GT Will Conquer Any Dune

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It is no surprise that one of the most impressive off-roaders in the world comes from the city that obsessed with supercars—Dubai. This ultramodern, luxurious city is the playground of the rich and famous. In Dubai, having a Lamborghini or Ferrari isn’t really all that impressive. Rich emirates want something that will stand out on the street and on social media. They want something like the Sandracer 500GT by Zarooq.

In Arabic, Zarooq is the name of the fastest snake in the desert. This is a fitting name for the manufacturer of the new Sandracer 500GT. This super off-roader is the first of its kind in the world. It is also the car of my dreams.

Zarooq Motors is the first Emeriti auto manufacturer. The founder, Mohammed Al Qadi has been involved in motorsports for more than 15 years. He headed up the Yas Marina Formula One circuit in Abu Dhabi. Most of Zarooq’s customers are princes from the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Although the appeal of the 500GT is international. Collectors from Russia, Kenya and Japan have expressed interest in owning one.

Sandracer 500GT has the luxury of a Lamborghini and the capabilities of an off-road dune racer. With a 6.2-litre V8 engine that is capable of 525 horsepower, this monster off-roader dune buggy will go from zero to 60 MPH in just four seconds. The dune racer has a lightweight carbon fibre body and built-in roll cage.

The design was first released in 2015 at the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix. Zarooq plans to mass produce the car, starting with an initial run of just 35 vehicles.

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