Zero Labs Electric Ford Bronco

Part of the allure of the Ford Bronco is its engine. That gas-guzzling, growling machine rumbles directly to the testosterone pumping through your veins. So when Zero Labs announced an electric Ford Bronco, there was a bit of scepticism about whether this version should be done. After all, what could an electric Bronco really offer?

electric ford bronco

Apparently, quite a bit. Packed with a 70kWh battery, the Electric Bronco has a 190-mile range. The electric power plant not only rivals the original gas version, it lays the smackdown on it. The electric version will be good for 369 horsepower—a peak power rating that is 400 per cent better than the original version. It will also have 177 ft-lbs of torque, and will feature a max RPM of 10,000.

back view ford bronco

While the engine will be a drastic change, the exterior will stay basically the same. The Electric Bronco will have the same design specs as the first generation Bronco and will be built by hand from the ground up. The body won’t be metal, like the original. Instead, it will be a lightweight carbon fibre. Zero Labs opted for FOX shocks and Brembo brakes, as well as over 1,000 other original parts.

Ford Bronco Interior Steering Wheel

Zero Labs is building only 150 examples of the Electric Bronco, and you can reserve one now. But not to worry, should you miss this one, Zero Labs is looking at other classics with the aim of creating a clean energy future that doesn’t come at the expense of the past.

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