ZipCharge Go is a Cheeky Portable EV Battery Charger

It’s no secret that electric vehicles are getting sleeker. From the early days of the Nissan Leaf, the monumental highs of the new Porsche Taycan Turbo S, the world of sustainable car releases has come a long way. But for all the industry’s innovation, the mush-maligned and often overlooked charging stations remain oddly primitive. Clunky to use, hard to get to and still unavailable in many key areas, charging centres are the bain of every EV-driver’s existence, which is why US business ZipCharge has invested its time in a new portable battery charging station. Disguised as a sneaky piece of carry-on luggage, the ZipCharge Go won’t just lighten the load, it may very well get you where you need to go.

Zipcharge go 1

Image: ZipCharge

Designed to supplement power for those households without readily available access to off-street parking or public charging, the ZipCharge Go is a welcome change of pace. Weighing around 20kgs, the portable battery charging station can easily be brought on a trip out of town or best utilised as an emergency fallback. Better yet, it comes on wheels.

According to the brand, the ZipCharge Go can make use of any plug socket, connecting to the charge port using a standard Type 2 cable. In terms of performance, the Go provides up to 20-40 miles of range, depending on the capacity and vehicle, with a full charge delivered in 30-60 minutes. And, as all next-gen technologies are, the battery charger is controlled via an accompanying app, which can auto-schedule charging at the lowest cost.

Zipcharge go

Image: ZipCharge

As far as how much the ZipCharge Go will cost, things are a little less clear. Top Gear is reporting that the brand will work on a subscription basis, worth around USD$68 per month. While that might be a tad above expectations, what price can you really place on ensuring you get from A to B without running out of juice?

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Image: ZipCharge

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Image: ZipCharge

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