Check Out Bandit9’s Silver Chrome Beast: the Ava

This silver-chrome Ava motorcycle is one of the latest beauties by Bandit9. A futuristic-inspired revamping of a classic motorcycle, The Ava uses the Honda Supersport 125cc make & model to create something that Robocop would ride. The bike was already originally a light weight bike, not as revved up as your normal Harley Davidson. This sport bike has been changed up with a handcrafted steel uni-body and X front cowl, custom steel exhaust, front suspension, brake light, bar-end indicators and leather seat. It’s equipped with a sand casted swing arm, dual shock rear suspension and a custom naked suspension. This will surely catch the eye (and quite possibly blind) of many people, but with a limited release of 9 bikes, it’ll be lucky if you ever see this beast down the highway.

Check it out

Bandit9 Ava Motorcycle 7

Bandit9 Ava Motorcycle 6

Bandit9 Ava Motorcycle 5

Bandit9 Ava Motorcycle 4

Bandit9 Ava Motorcycle 2