Citroën Honors an Icon With the Type H 70th Anniversary Van

A fixture throughout the European countryside for decades, the Citroën Type H is an iconic vehicle that features a winning combination of utility and good design. Designed by Italian automobile designer Flaminio Bertoni, the original Citroën HY Van— also known as the Type H and Relay in the UK—was one of the most recognisable and most versatile vans in Europe. They served many uses from motor home to food truck.

The Citroën HY or Type H Vans were different than many other vans of their time. They featured independent suspension, four-wheel drive and a utilitarian construction. A half of a million of these vehicles were produced from 1947 until 1981 when production on them ceased.

citroën honors type h van collection

Now, the Citroën HY Van is back. Citroën teamed up with designer David Obendorfer and Fabrizio Caselanin to create a kit that is used to convert the Citroën Jumper chassis into a special-edition Type H 70th Anniversary Van. Featuring body panels that are made from fibreglass, the limited-edition van does not just copy the original model, rather it captures the essence of its predecessor. Since automobile technology has advanced so much in the last seventy years, the Type H was updated for the 21st Century. It is now safer and more technologically advanced than ever before, which means that it should provide years of faithful service for the lucky owner.

citroën honors type h van rear view

The Type H conversion kits will be available in several different versions, including the standard van, food truck and motor home. However, these kits will be available in limited quantities only. Just seventy will be sold at selected Italian retailers.

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citroën honors type h van side

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