City, Surf, Sounds and Slopes in the Ford EcoSport

As a part of the launch of their new small SUV, Ford decided to give Man of Many a brand new EcoSport to test drive for a couple of weeks. On a mission to unlock some urban discoveries, we surfed, swam, snowboarded and danced our way around Sydney.  With hands firmly fixed on the wheel of the Ford EcoSport – we traveled in style.


Being a small SUV, we cast aside the delusion that our level of cool would be comparable to that of a pimped out O.G. rollin’ on Dubs, but were quickly charmed by the strong aesthetic and sporty demeanour of this nifty little ride. Although the car is based on a small body, it still holds a stout presence with an exterior boasting a bulldog-like stature, brawny contours and pleasantly sharp contrasting lines. It also features an ultramodern interior which could look just as at ease in the cockpit of a spacecraft.

ford ecosport styleThroughout the test drive, we always seemed to catch the attention of those we passed by. It may have been the result of the signature ‘Mars Red’ paint-job, however it was more likely attributed to scenes caused by the obnoxiously boisterous occupants whose knack for causing scene garnered public attention.


The 1.0L EcoBoost Petrol was awarded the ‘Engine of the Year Award’, and although no land speed record were broken, the 3 cylinder engine was able to handle the task of driving uphill with a car filled with 5 dudes singing power ballads.

Other Features

We love to take things on road with us and the EcoSport provides ample storage for all belongings. We lugged everything from camera gear, ski equipment, bottles, bags and we were never short of space.

ford ecosport features

When assessing a car made for the city dweller, mobile phone connectivity is essential. Through  SYNC™ you can connect your Bluetooth and USB devices and channel your inner Knight Rider using voice commands to make calls, listen to texts and play music.

The Roundup

The experience of driving this car for a couple of weeks has been just like borrowing an obedient child – it’s fun, does what it’s supposed to and proves helpful when picking up chicks. The Ford EcoSport is an agile city car, which looks great and is super practical.

ford ecosport roundup

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