Classic Chevy Customised – 1957 Chevrolet Legacy Napco Truck

Legacy Classic Trucks are known for their unique spins on vintage vehicles. This time around they have taken the body of the original Chevy 1950s-era Napco 4s4 pickup truck and equipped it with a LS327 small block engine from the Chevrolet Corvette. So looks can be very deceiving with this one. Its classic body shape packs a punch with this truck having up to 430m horsepower.

1957 chevrolet legacy napco truck steering

Something that outsiders will be super surprised with when they set their eyes on this. The quad-oultet Borla exhaust system resembles the Corvette C7, which compliments the outstanding performance of this Chevy. Going inside, there are Horween leather seats and custom metal dash buttons. The Napco is built for high-speed off-roading with 2.5-inch front and 2-inch remote-reservoir shocks that absorb bumps well and offer great stability and control on bumpy terrain. Pickup trucks have an attached stigma, where they are old and ugly, well this definitely defies it with its modernised design and increased performance.

1957 chevrolet legacy napco truck side

1957 chevrolet legacy napco truck wheel