The Clean Classic Citroen is Back – 1964 Citroen DS19 Decapotable

Nothing lasts forever, but as we have seen in modern society, it can be reinvented, reintroduced or restored. And this classic Citroen has been the latter.

citroen ds19 decapotable open roof

Created by Henri Chapton, this beauty has a streamlined body with an advanced self-levelling hydro-pneumatic suspension, which offers a perfect balance between the handling and performance of this legendary vehicle.  It has been recently delivered to Lyon in France, this classic has been passed through three sets of hands who all have carefully cared for this cool classic. It has been extensively restored with complete overhauls of the engine, semi-automatic transmission, a re-trim of the interior and renewal of electrical systems. According to Classic & Sports Car magazine in 2009, a poll between top automotive designers declared the DS as the most beautiful car of all time. Now for all us in the contemporary world, we may dispute this claim, however for all ancestors or those who appreciate the true classics, any discourse would be non-existent.

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citroen ds19 decapotable steering