The BMW Radical Concept is Just That

Poised on the tarmac of some future dystopia’s expressway, the BWM Radical Concept looks to be one monster of a motorcycle. This concept bike was modelled by Mehmet Doruk Erdem, an Istanbul-based freelance industrial designer and computer graphics artist, who is known for his renderings of futuristic, streamlined motorcycles. Radical is no exception; this BMW-branded monolith would look very appropriate hurtling up a post-apocalyptic Autobahn.

concept bmw radica motorcycle feature

The motorcycle features a full piece armour body, an elevated rear wheel and chrome detailing, adding to its high tech aesthetic. The raised seat, super low handlebars and retro hub-centre steering system make for a ridiculously aerodynamic profile. With its low ground clearance, you wouldn’t want to come across a speed bump – perhaps Erdem envisages a future without them.
Don’t hold your breath for a prototype by the German manufacturer, however; the Turkish designer has no affiliation with BMW. For the time being, at least, we can only hope BMW takes some cues from Erdem’s work when they design their next motorcycle.

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