Cruise Like a Boss with the Niniette 66 Yacht by Bugatti and Palmer Johnson

Two iconic and highly regarded brands in their respective industries, Bugatti and Palmer Johnson have joined forces to merge their creative minds together and build a luxury yacht. They are both renowned for their pedigrees in design, technology and performance, and with some inspiration from the Bugatti Chiron, they have created a masterpiece they call the Limited Edition Niniette 66.

niniette 66 yacht back

On the deck of this 20-metre-long vessel, there’s a luxurious lounge, hot tib, fire pit and champagne bar. And for all the interior lovers out there, the inside of the Niniette 66 features a mixture of materials such as leather, suede, carbon and polished metal. Like the Bugatti, this yacht can travel at speeds up to 44 knots, which is reminiscent of luxury brand’s sport cars.

niniette 66 yacht luxury entertainment room

This new toy is reserved for the upper-echelon of the wealthy contingent. As the name alludes, there will be only 66 produced, and the initial run of yachts will be on our waters in March 2018.

Check it out

niniette 66 yacht luxury bedroom

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