Customized Awesomeness – Onyx Blade by Rough Crafts

Taiwan-based company Rough Crafts creates the kind of choppers that you can only dream of. Literally. They deconstruct and the reconstruct classic bikes on commission. If you have the dough and the vision, they have the means. One of their latest mind-blowers is the Onyx Blade MT. Brought to life by Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts, the Onyx Blade is a brilliant re-imagining of the Yamaha MT-07. The new bike represents the ideal pairing of the company’s distinct aesthetic with classic Yamaha engineering and the fantasy of a deep-pocketed motorcycle lover.

rough crafts motorcycle front and side

Yeh isn’t afraid to seek inspiration at the source, and he found plenty to relish on the original Yamaha even if the result is a relatively stark departure in terms of appearance and design. In fact the most discernible trace of the original Yamaha is the engine and the unique triangular tubing, as well as some of the original Yamaha’s inherent sleekness. However, thanks to some new aluminium bodywork and a matte grey finish, the Onyx Blade primarily resembles another triumph from Rough Crafts.

rough crafts motorcycle design

Other signature touches from Yeh include modifications to the front end such as the shortening and firming of the forks and an added preload adjustment. The tank and tail sections are also new additions, meant to enhance the overall visual appeal and endure harsh weather conditions. Not one to mess too much with greatness, Yeh made just a few upgrades to the original stock engine such as adding K&N filters and a new exhaust system. The result of Yeh’s efforts is a lustrous bike that looks just like it sounds–incredibly sharp and stylish. Here’s looking forward to what Rough Crafts comes up with next.

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rough crafts motorcycle backlight

rough crafts motorcycle engine

rough crafts motorcycle handle

rough crafts motorcycle wheel design