Cycle Into The Future on This Trek Zora

If concept cars are a measurement of a company’s ability to fit as many gadgets and do-dads on four wheels as possible, then concept bikes are surely the opposite, eschewing needless bells and whistles for a simpler approach. This is Trek’s Zora concept, designed to usher in a new decade of bicycle design and construction.

future trek cycle zora gorgeous paddle shape

The Zora boasts a carbon fibre frame, off-road capabilities, belt drive (replacing the much known and loved humble bicycle chain), built-in strip headlights and taillights, and what appears to be a mysterious LED display on the handlebars. The wheels are pretty rad too, with a honeycomb design in lieu of regular spokes (how you’ll retrofit your favourite spokey-dokeys I have no idea.)

future trek cycle zora electric handle

Like all concept designs, we’re a long way off being able to pop into a local cyclery to pick one up and, when the time comes for these design ideas to be implemented on certain models I’ve no doubt they’ll be a pretty penny, especially given that this is Trek, afterall. But anybody who’s owned a Trek before can attest to their quality and concepts like this are just one of the many reasons they’ve become industry leaders.

Check it out

future trek cycle zora front part

future trek cycle zora gorgeous handle side

future trek cycle zora seat stand