A Rapha Saddle Means Your Backside Will Be Grateful

Rapha has long been at the forefront of creating comfortable bibs for dedicated pedal-pushers. Their entrance into the bicycle seat market, with the Rapha Saddle, bodes well for cycling enthusiasts.

rapha comfortable seat

Humor writer Patrick McManus once compared sitting on bicycle seats to sitting on the head of a hatchet. While it’s true that bibs can help alleviate some of the soreness, it just seemed inevitable that a truly comfortable seat was never attainable. Over the last two years, Rapha has been using their more than 14 years of experience creating comfortable bibs to design from scratch a saddle that would finally be that seemingly unattainable comfortable seat. They came up with the Classic and Pro Team saddles.

rapha handcrafted seat

The Classic is a handcrafted bike that stays true to timeless styles while updating with contemporary details (the curved profile works in tandem with Rapha’s Classic Bib Shorts II). The seat consists of a one-piece carbon rail topped with lightweight carbon-reinforced nylon and a perforated cover.

rapha seat stand

The Pro Team saddle is meant for comfort, but also racing. Lightweight, the saddle weighs only 144 grams (the cutout version weighs even less, at 141 grams). Handmade entirely of carbon, the Pro Team saddle pairs perfectly with their Pro Team Bib Shorts II.

Because the saddles are meant to work in conjunction with their respective bibs, Rapha uses a variety of widths and foam densities to customize the perfect partnership. Give them your waist measurement, weight, and riding position, and Rapha will give you the perfect pairing for the ultimate in saddle comfort.

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