Attack the Slopes atop a Hillstrike Snowtrike Rev-17

Hillstrike is back and they have given us something GLORIOUS. The Snowtrike REV-17 is a child’s dream and an adult’s fantasy.

hillstrike snowtrike body shape

The Rev-17 is exactly what you might think it is; a tricycle made to traverse snowy or tundra environments with the same ease you enjoy atop a two-wheeler in your neighborhood. With three skis attached where wheels would go on a tricycle, this Snowtrike is meant for bombing down hills and has a high-grade aluminum frame, fork, and handlebars to allow for optimal handling.

hillstrike snowtrike black color paddle

Manufactured well, performance tested, competitively priced, and containing unbridled entertainment, we don’t see why anyone in the right environment wouldn’t want to hop in the seat of one of these bad boys. As customizable as it is functional, the Snowtrike Rev-17 comes in five unique colors; apple green, sea blue, bright orange, vivid red, and panther orange.

hillstrike snowtrike front frame

Hillstrike knows that their inventory will go fast, so they have instituted a “click-and-ship,” endeavor, ensuring your order will ship out the day following purchase.

Check it out

colorful hillstrike snowtrike

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