Be Prepared for Bike Envy with the Alpen Bike Capsule

The Alpen Bike Capsule is the next big thing in bike storage—and you need to be ready to be jealous of your bike for its impressive new digs. The Bike Capsule is made from roto-molded polyethylene, so it’s not only sturdy, but will weather the outdoors should you choose to store your bike outside. Storing it outside, though, is up for debate as the design is attractive and unique. It could easily fit in with your décor inside. The half-circle design is divided in half so that it can rotate, opening up the storage so that you can put your bike in. The integrated lock will keep your bike safe. The Capsule measures 79 inches in length, 53 in height, and 32 in width, so you can store a bike with a maximum length of 75 inches and a seat height of 46 inches.

alpen bike helmet

Because it’s made of polyethylene, you won’t have to worry about rust or breaking down. It’s also UV resistant. The door hub is anodized aluminum and features a ball bearing door rotation. And you can bolt the entire unit down for added security.

alpen bike helmet white color

The Capsule is a nice looking unit with plenty of space. In fact, it’s so commodious that you might just come to resent that your bike is in such nice living quarters while you’re resigned to your old apartment or house.

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