Buzzraw X from Coast Cycles Will Change Your Commute for the Better

Coast Cycles went old school with their bike design, reviving the design of urban cruisers, but while their style might be old school, their new Buzzraw X series are more advanced. The X series features three electric bikes—the Buzzraw X Pedal, the Buzzraw X250, and the Buzzraw X750. Coast Cycles updated their original design with full suspension and a quiet cruising drive option. The bikes also benefit from a fully powder-coated and thick layer of scratch-resistant thermoset polymer, which means rough riding won’t cause you any stress about the beautiful finish of your bike.

The extra large seat means you won’t have to cruise alone, and the fat tires smooth out the bumps in the road. The Buzzraw X was designed to accommodate both hub drive and mid-drive motors. The X250 and X750 models each come with 36V or 48V lithium-ion batteries respectively. Both can be locked and removed from the bike. The X250 comes with a rear hub motor that puts out 250 watts with each pedal stroke, while the X750 delivers 750 watts. Both have three-speed options.

buzzraw bike front side

These bikes aren’t just a blast to ride, they also look great and make excellent commuters, especially because of the comfort afforded from the suspension, tires, seat, and electric motor assistance.

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