Cake Kalk Electric Bike Electrifies Back Trails

The Cake Kalk looks like nothing more than the frame and wheels of a motorcycle. Where the engine should be is just open space. Looking at it, you’re tempted to start searching for the pedals because you can’t imagine how this bike is propelled. The secret is hidden in the 15 kW mid motor attached to a single pivot direct drive. The motor is powered by a 51.8 volt, 50Ah battery. Without a motor bogging it down, the Kalk weighs in under 70 kilograms—it’s light and meant for either on- or off-road handling.

cake kalk electric bike whole body

You won’t be disappointed when it comes to Kalk’s performance. The bike is described as being light and snappy with plenty of torque and acceleration. It can reach top speeds of 80 km/h, and has a range of up to 80 km. The motor is IPM and supports 15kW peak performance of 9kW continuous with 42Nm peak torque and 3,000 rpm.

cake kalk electric bike front side

Kalk offers three configurable riding modes with tunable motor braking and regeneration. As noted, the bike is light, due in part to the materials it is made from. The Frame is 6061 extruded aluminum that is CNC jointed and welded where needed. The body is made from carbon fiber.

cake kalk electric bike tyre

The Cake Kalk may not have that throaty growl or high-pitched whine of a bike—it’s absolutely silent—but that just means you’ll not interrupt the very nature you’re saving by driving it.

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