Capacita is the Most Affordable Smart Cargo E-Bike

Capacita is the most affordable smart cargo E-bike that you’ll find on the market today. But just because the price point is low doesn’t mean that you need to lower your own expectations. Capacita comes with a bevy of features that are sure to please any owner.

capacita smart cargo e bike rider

For starters, the bike has a 40-mile range on each charge. The high capacity Samsung 42V, 10Ah battery is removable for easier charging, so you can charge wherever you aren’t where your bike is. The Bafang 3550W motor is located on the rear tire, eliminating any crank drives or transmissions.

capacita smart cargo e bike front

Even if the bike is affordable, you won’t want to have to replace it if it gets stolen. That’s why Capacita comes with an integrated GPS tracker. The tracker is hidden, so thieves won’t be able to remove it. You can track your bike 24 hours a day, so you’ll know exactly where it is at any time. Your phone will receive any notifications should someone tamper with your bike when it is locked up.

capacita smart cargo e bike on the stand

Just as the name suggests, Capacita has a huge capacity for cargo. You can haul up to 175 pounds of cargo on Capacita in a number of arrangements’ from baskets to kid seats, footboards, and more. There are also integrated automatic headlights and taillights to keep you and any passengers safer.

Capacita is also a comfortable ride, fitting riders between 5′ and 6’4″. Fat tires and disc brakes further aid in comfort and safety.

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