Cervelo p5X Lamborghini Edition Bicycle is a Cyclist’s Dream

If you’re going to slap the name “Lamborghini” on anything, you’d better make sure it’s fast. The Cervelo p5X Lamborghini Edition Bicycle earns that name in spades. Cervelo, a Canadian bike manufacturer noted for making bikes that appear in all the major races including being ridden by 40 racers in the Beijing Olympics, partnered with Lamborghini to create a triathlon bike so technologically advanced that it could bear the moniker of Lamborghini.

cervelo p5x lamborghini edition bicycle chain

The bike sports Lamborghini’s iconic yellow topcoat and Y-shaped patterning on the frame and fork. What’s more, Lamborghini Accademia drivers have been riding Cervelos for years, so they knew just what to look for and what to improve. Both companies are noted for their research and development, and this bike follows that tradition. The engineering had the goal of the bike being a complete system that addressed speed, fit, and usage. Most notably, the design paid attention to the smallest details, like the aerodynamic penalty most bikes suffer because of water bottles, or the friction of the cable in the bottom bracket, or the space between the tube and the front wheel that can cause increased drag. The top model of the bike features SRAM RED eTap system including the SRAM crank and the ENVE 7.8 wheels. It also comes with Cervelo’s Smartpak, Stealthbox, and Speedcase components. The limited edition version will be a production run of only 25 bikes.

Check it out

cervelo p5x lamborghini edition bicycle handle

cervelo p5x lamborghini edition bicycle body view

cervelo p5x lamborghini edition bicycle color

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