The Lumos Bike Helmet May Be the Safest on the Road

While wearing a helmet is the first step to being safe while on your bike, it only helps so much when you are in an accident. The safest way to ride is to not get into an accident in the first place, which is why the Lumos Smartbike Helmet makes so much sense, especially if you regularly ride at night.

black color lumos bike helmet

The futuristic helmet has 10 white LED lights on the front, 38 red LED lights on the back, and 11 orange LEDs on each side, which also work as turn signals, so that everyone around you can know exactly what you intend on doing next. With a wireless handlebar remote, you can control all the lights on the helmet, allowing you to trigger a turn signal or brighten or darken the front and back helmet LEDs. And with a hard brake light feature, which is currently in beta, the back red LEDs light up, much like the taillights of a car would when you slam on your brakes. On top of all that the Lumos Smartbike helmet is not only safe, but it’s durable and most surprisingly for a bike helmet, it’s comfortable too.

lumos bike helmet many other thing

As far as looking stylish, well, that all comes down to personal opinion. But everyone can agree it’s definitely more stylish to be alive and healthy, then injured or dead due to a tragic bike accident.

Check it out

lumos bike helmet mix light

lumos bike helmet main body

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