Cruiser Bird Bikes Adds a Two-Person Moped

Bird already has a pretty strong presence in many urban settings, most predominately with their black-and-white single-rider scooters. Bird is adding to that lineup with a two-person Cruiser.

According to Bird’s website, the two-person moped features an electric motor that is strong enough to tackle hills—a claim that is pretty believable considering that the Cruiser was engineered in California. For the backside of the hills, hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping power. Travis VanderZanden, Bird’s founder and CEO, describes the Bird Cruiser as “an inclusive electric-powered option that is approachable, easy to ride, and comfortable on rough roads.”

The Cruiser rides on 20-inch wheels and has a full suspension. Combined with a padded seat, the Cruiser’s comfort should be a high point. On a full charge, the Cruiser has a 50-mile range thanks to its 52-volt battery. There’s also a headlamp for night rides, and an LCD readout to keep you informed on speed and charge level. Two versions are reported to be available—one with pedals for pedal assist and the other with pegs for resting your feet.

Bird’s Cruiser should be available this summer in select US cities and can be rented via their app. No word on pricing as of yet.

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