Fox Flux MIPS Helmet Keeps Your Brain Safer

The new Fox Flux MIPS Helmet is, but isn’t, your traditional bike helmet. Since 1999, most bike helmets have been basically the same in order to meet the criteria established by U.S. law. Not that that’s a bad thing—the helmets keep you safe. But most helmets seem content with meeting the bare minimum, which means that while they protect against most head injuries, they don’t protect against all of them. Fox developed their flux MIPS helmet with aggressive mountain bikers in mind; in other words, the kind of rider that needs more, not less protection.

MIPS—Multi-directional Impact Protection System—has the same basic elements as other helmets. That’s why when you just look at them, you may not notice anything special. The difference lies in the layers. The outer layer is EPS (in the case of the Fox Flux, it’s Varizorb multi-density). That layer takes the brunt of the force, and disperses it. The next layer in MIPS helmets not only provide cushioning, but also rotation, which mimics the cerebrospinal fluid that naturally protects your brain already. This protection is significant in that it helps protect against the slower, less catastrophic injuries that nonetheless still result in brain injury.

The Fox Flux also features an X-Static liner that inhibits bacteria growth, preventing odor. Fixed anchor Y-straps will keep your helmet on, and the Fidlock Snap magnetic buckle will keep it secured. The helmet also has an internal cage for additional strength, an adjustable visor, and vents for airflow.

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