The Future of the Unicycle is in the UnoBolt Electric Unicycle

As the electric engine-driven vehicle revolution makes it’s rounds to cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles, it was only a matter of time before the unicycle was graced with this technology as well. While unicycles took incredible balance, core strength and usually an eccentric personality to ride in the past, with the UnoBolt just about everyone can ride a unicycle, as it’s the world’s first e-unicycle / e-bike which is driven by what is known as gyro force.

 unobolt electric unicycle rider

Similar to a segway, the UnoBolt is controlled by which way you lean—slightly forward to move forward, slightly backward to slow down, stop and move backwards. Turning involves leaning slight to the side you want to turn, and something known as tire assist will keep you from overcompensating on your lean, keeping the UnoBolt upright. The Gyro force also stabilizes the UnoBolt, so that very little balance is needed to be able to effectively ride this electric unicycle. Other features include the ability for the single tire vehicle to charge from absolutely dead to fully charged in 45 minutes. It can also climb a 45 degree incline without slowing down, has a tire that is good for both on and off roading and can carry up to 280 pounds.

 unobolt electric unicycle color shape

As the UnoBolt is in development currently, it is rasing money here via Kickstarter—but it has almost tripled it’s goal of $20,000 already. So sign up for one of these new vehicles sooner rather than later, because they are only going to get more expensive.

Check it out

 yellow color unobolt electric unicycle

unobolt electric unicycle gorgeous seat

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