Chase The Dragon on Two Wheels with a Heroin Bike

When it comes to racing bikes, those who ride them regularly are very particular about little details of the bike, from weight to aerodynamics to the general feel of the bike when it is being ridden. And few people understand and respect all these subtleties when it comes to bicycles then the French, whose national pastime is, arguably, bike racing.

chase dragon wheel heroin bike front part

So when a company comes along like Heroin and builds bikes they claim are the best racing bikes in the world, it’s important to take notice. The designers have created an ultra-light 26 ounce carbon frame, built by bike designers who are apparent masters when it comes to working with things like carbon. The frame of the bike it built with metal tubes, however, so it maintains it rigidity when travelling at the highest of speeds. There are also dimples along it’s outer layer, causing it to change the air around it, adding even more speed to an already lightening fast bike. The rims are also a technological feat, in the sense that they can withstand more than 11 bars of pressure and heat in excess of 390 degrees Fahrenheit when braking, like going down a very big hill very fast.

With every part of the Heroin bikes meticulously designed, it will be a challenge for anyone to find a better bike worth buying.

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