LEKKER Bikes Mix Dutch Tradition with Aussie Flair

LEKKER Bikes takes traditional Dutch Bicycle Design that’s been around since 1885 and mixes it with Australian beach culture. The idea came from LEKKER’s founder, Meindert. After leaving Amsterdam for Australia’s famed Bondi Beach, Meindert discovered that he was missing one thing from his homeland—a commuter bike that would get him wherever he needed to go. With support from the locals, Meindert introduced LEKKER in 2009.

new dutch tradition white color lekker bike

The LEKKER mission statement states that the company aims at providing a reasonably priced bicycle that doesn’t sacrifice quality and aesthetics. LEKKER offers six different styles of bikes. The Sportief closely resembles the classic beachcomber design and features Shimano Nexus Intergrad hubs. The Jordaan is an homage to the prototypical Dutch transportation bicycle meant for commuting. The Amsterdam introduces their performance line, while the Elite Series takes that design a step further, adding in your choice of gearing and drive train. Lekker also offers an Ebike, the E-Jordaan, which features the NuVinci gearshift technology. Their final offering is geared toward the kids’ market with a balance bike meant for training little ones for a life of cycling.

new dutch tradition lekker bike handle

The LEKKER motto of “Born in Amsterdam, raised in Sydney” is an apt description of what they’re doing. They’ve taken the classic Dutch emphasis of bicycle commuting and melded it with the carefree spirit of Australia’s beaches.

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