Mongoose Makes a Stranger Things 3 Bike for Target

If Stranger Things has accomplished anything, it’s been the resurgence of ‘80s culture. The show is meticulously researched and then set for each scene. Fans have been picking up products shown in the series to add to their own collection of Stranger Things and ‘80s memorabilia. If you’re one of those fans—or if you know one—then get ready to add another item to your wishlist.

Target is offering a special edition Mongoose BMX-style bike that Max uses in Season 3. The bike replaces Max’s signature Madrid skateboard, which her older brother broke in Season 2.

mongoose handle for bike

The Stranger Things Mongoose is built on a replica frame and fork, which Mongoose put together after referencing 1980s bike parts sourced from thrift stores and garage sales around their headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. The five-spoke alloy mag wheels are painted a bright yellow to match the seat and pads, which perfectly match the classic Mongoose pad set.

As for show accuracy, the bike comes with the rear wheel pegs for an extra passenger so that you or a friend can ride along just like Eleven does. The bike also comes with a headlamp for those rides in the dark, or in the Upside-Down. Just like the bikes from the ‘80s, the Stranger Things bike comes with a single-speed drivetrain and front and rear calliper brakes.

The chromed-out frame finishes the look. The bike comes branded with Max’s name on the front fork and the Stranger Things logo on the frame. There’s even a “Hawkins Bicycle License” badge on the frame dated 1985.

mongoose bike seat

The Mongoose joins the two other bikes inspired by the show: Mike’s and Lucas’s, both of which have real-world Schwinns on the market. The Mongoose bike is available exclusively through Target and is priced at USD$219.99.

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Mongoose Stranger Things 3 Bike For Sale