The New Mondraker Foxy Carbon Doesn’t Need a Fancy Name

When Mondraker released the first Foxy Carbon back in 2014, they introduced a bike that took the world by storm. Now, the Spanish bike manufacturer is back with a new Foxy Carbon, simply called “The Bike.” It looks like The Bike will be just as much of a game-changer as the first version.

new mondraker foxy carbon bike body

Released to celebrate Mondraker’s 15th anniversary, the new Foxy Carbon was given a complete overhaul. Available in two different types of carbon, “The Bike” blends the aggressive capabilities of an enduro race bike with the lightweight construction of a trail bike.

new mondraker foxy carbon bike front part

The Bike is even more streamlined than its predecessor. Constructed with forward geometry in mind, this bike has leaner tube shapes and a thin full tube top. Customers can choose from a lightweight Stealth Air Carbon or full Stealth Carbon construction. The head angle can be customized across a 2-degree spread. The chainstay length is also flexible—it can be adjusted by a length of 10mm.

new mondraker foxy carbon bike all part

The top model, the Foxy RR SL, has full Stealth Carbon construction and upgraded Enduro bearings. The Stealth Carbon design uses vacuum molding and stiff molds. This ensures a solid compaction. Oversized 15mm thru axles ensure that the rocker arm stays rigid for a smoother ride.

The Trunnion-mount metric shock and Zero Suspension System helps provide a smooth ride over small bumps. The Bike is equipped with a removable rear fender that keeps the shock from being subjected to wheel spray.

Check it out

new mondraker foxy carbon bike paddel shape

new mondraker foxy carbon bike gear

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